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Welcome to Side-by-Side Homeopathy
Welcome to Side-by-Side Homeopathy


Who are we?

     Side by Side Homeopathy is a group of professional homeopaths dedicated to providing homeopathic treatment to socially and economically marginalized people in the downtown east side of Vancouver and associated treatment centers. Side by Side is incorporated as a non-profit society in British Columbia.

 See recent article published in the Interhomeopathy Journal November 2011.



What is Homeopathy?

     Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of medicine using natural remedies to stimulate the body's self-healing powers. It is a holistic medicine which treats the symptoms of the body and mind as a totality. Homeopaths recognise that symptoms of ill-health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person, and that the whole person needs treatment, not just the isolated symptoms of a particular illness.


History of Side by Side

     Side by Side Homeopathy began in February of 2009 and Non Profit status was granted in Oct of 2009 .  It was initially inspired by a few homeopaths who felt motivated to help those struggling with substance misuse issues specifically in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. The homeopaths combined their desire to help with their knowledge that homeopathy could be an effective healing modality with much to offer in this situation. Side by Side Homeopathy was created and currently there are over 20 individuals volunteering in the organization

     The first site where Side by Side initiated the project was Onsite detox and later the project was expanded to include Ranier Hotel and the Life Skills Centre. Currently homeopaths are visiting these sites once a week for  3 hour sessions. On a typical visit, the homeopaths will meet with 3-4 patients – 1-2 new patients as well as several follow-ups with patients that are currently being treated.   


Results so far:

     Since our inception we have received  many positive reports from clients and staff following treatment. Clients have experienced amelioration of symptoms that had not improved with conventional treatment such as  nausea, digestive complaints, chronic physical pain from old injuries, sleeplessness, mental confusion, anxiety, panic attacks and nightmares. Although some patients are only seen once, or relapse and are lost to follow up, even from these patients we have received feedback that they have appreciated the experience of the homeopathic interview in which they have been able to express freely and often come to a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves.

Testimonial from a client:

I use homeopathy, they are wonderful.  The practitioner first asked me so many questions, for almost one and a half hours including my dreams, spiritual beliefs, etc.  I was surprised, no MD would take the time to dig deeply into "who" I am at the deepest level...If the British royal family uses them, it is good enough for me.

CB, Life Skills Centre, October, 2010


Our offer of services includes

  • Professional services commitment
  • Volunteer time serving clients and patients
  • Education in first aid homeopathy for staff and organizations
  • Remedy kits



    Non-Profit Organization

         Side by Side Homeopathy is incorporated as a society. The aim is to establish an office in the DTES where clients can be followed over the long term after they leave Onsite and Rainier. It would also include a space to house the Side by Side Pharmacy. The non-profit status would eventually allow the homeopaths to receive an honorarium for their time, as so far all the work has been volunteer.

    Would YOU like to help?

    Homeopaths, students of homeopathy, anyone interested in helping the Downtown East Side...

    • CLINICAL HELP - if you are a homeopath or student of homeopathy and would like to be included in our substitute list and occasionally be called to help with case taking, analysis and prescribing, contact us
    • PHARMACY - consider donating 1-2 drops of your medicated potencies to this project
    • FINANCIAL - donations are greatly appreciated, just click on our "Donate" button, all funds go towards providing homeopathic treatment for clients
    • SPREAD THE WORD - become a fan of our Facebook group, send an email to your friends with a link to our website, install a link to us on your own website
    • OTHER - There are many other ways you can help, please contact us!


    Thank You!

    The volunteer homeopath group at the Life Skills Center and Side-By-Side Homeopathy would like to thank the following for their generous donations of homeopathic products: 

    a)  Janice Abramsen (Western Canadian representative) and Homeocan for their continued generous donations over the years.  Contact Janice for more information about Homeocan and their product line at:

    Janice Stadnyk Abramsen
    Homeocan Western Canada Prof. Div.
    Kelowna, BC
    1-877-766-1331 toll free  Fax: 250-766-7200

    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    b)  Finlandia Pharmacy, Vancouver BC.

    c)  Wellspring Health, Tsawwassen, BC.



    Contact Information


    Side by Side Homeopathy

    Contact us via email


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