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About Us
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About Us

Our Mission

  • To provide Homeopathic care for socially and economically marginalized people in the Down Town East Side of Vancouver and associated treatment centers
  • To support these individuals in making choices regarding their substance misuse
  • To use Homeopathic care to address their health concerns



     We are a diverse group of homeopaths who have come together to create Side by Side Homeopathy, a group that is continually expanding its services in the Downtown Eastside.


Dr. Shulamit Krakauer

shulamit 2013Dr. Shulamit Krakauer

Dr. Shulamit Krakauer graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1997 and began to practice as a holistic veterinarian shortly after. Following an interest in homeopathy from her work on animals, she enrolled in a veterinary homeopath course in 1999 and the Vancouver Academy of Homeopathy in 2000.

Dr. Shulamit continues her studies by participating in advanced seminars with internationally renowned homeopaths in order to expand her knowledge of homeopathic remedies and their use in people and animals.

Outside of work and study, Shulamit enjoys being in the great outdoors with her dog Choco aka Tanner, or having coffee with Shira aka Greyboots the Cat. She can also be found participating in various meditation groups, doing contact improvisational dance and enjoying all things accordion. Dr. Shuli taught meditation at Alouette women's prison for 4 years and has been working with Side by Side homeopathy to provide homeopathic services to the DTES since 2009.

Tina Spathis

Tina Spathis RN, DCH   www.reflectionshomeopathy.com

Coming from a strong nursing and educational background, Tina graduated from the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy in 2009. Her passion for homeopathy started when her 3 year old had the chicken pox and refused to take any conventional medicine to relieve her symptoms. Tina came across homeopathic remedies at a local pharmacy and watched them heal before her eyes. This was the beginning of her journey into the world of homeopathy. She has been volunteering with Side by Side since the spring of 2009 and is grateful for the privilege to watch homeopathy touch so many lives in the DTES.  From the beginning of her practice Tina has been treating both children and adults for chronic and acute conditions. Since her graduation Tina has seen her knowledge of homeopathy, and how it relates to patients, grow and evolve extensively. When she is not volunteering with Side by Side, Tina can be found working at her clinic. 

El Cecchetto

ElC_smElena Cecchetto DCH, CCH, RSHom(NA)
Certified Homeopath

Elena Cecchetto was on the founding board of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths. In June of 2007 she presented at the BC Society of Homeopaths (BCSH) Case Conference. In September, 2009 the Health Action Network Society, requested a presentation of her Homeopathic Immunization program known as HomeoImmunePro (HIP). Various publications (including Radio, CBC TV) have published about her work as a Professional Certified Homeopath.

Elena is passionate about the use of Homeopathy helping people with substance misuse and addictive behaviours and conducted her fourth year study at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy focusing on Treatment of Addictions.

Elena believes that helping people heal with Homeopathic Care is a wonderful gift so she works towards making available to anyone who chooses. Schedule with her here:

See her Calendar of availability and contact the clinic at the phone number or email below. You can call her "EL" if you like.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Catherine Dean
Catherine-DCatherine Dean, DCH, RCSHom
Certified Homeopath
Catherine’s passion for her vocation in holistic healing and natural medicine started over 25 years ago.  Co-ordinator for Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in the ‘80s, she also worked in Western Medicine delivering care and administering medications as a Licensed Practical Nurse during the ‘90s.    After the birth of her daughter in 1997, and completing her education at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy in 2002, she has maintained a successful  homeopathic practice in Steveston (12th House Healing Arts).  After meeting Dr. Roland Guenther in Dec of 2007, she went on to promote and participate in a number of C4 Homeopathic Trituration workshops during 2008.   In January of 2009 Catherine worked alongside Dr. Guenther on a pilot project at Onsite, which soon thereafter evolved to be Side By Side Homeopathy  - a devoted team of homeopaths delivering homeopathic care in the Downtown Eastside.
Lucy De Pieri

Lucy De Pieri PhD, DCH
Serenity Homeopathic Clinic
St Johns Health and Wellness, Port Moody

Lucy De Pieri spent most of her adult life as a research scientist, but it was only after the birth of her son in 1994 that a serious illness brought her to the gently healing of homeopathy. That was the turning point for her, and in 1994 she started reading homeopathic books. Her love for homeopathy grew to the point that she decided to study it formally at the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy where she graduated in 2007.
Lucy has a very busy homeopathic practice in Port Moody. She has been involved with Side by Side Homeopathy since February 2009. She is very active in many ways in the homeopathic community and is regularly attends local conferences.
Lucy has been a board member of the BCSH (British Columbia Society of Homeopaths) for the last 5 years, and has been a member of the West Coast Homeopathic Society and Canadian Society of Homeopaths for many years.

Louise Fridman

LouiseFLouise Fridman, DCH, RCSHom


Louise has a part-time practice in Vancouver and volunteers for Side by Side Homeopathy.

Michelle Kotko
Michelle_smMichelle Kotko, DCH, RCSHom
Certified Homeopath
Michelle Kotko is a graduate of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy. Michelle started practicing homeopathy as it is a complete system of medicine that can help a wide variety of ailments with no side effects. In practice Michelle treats a variety of cases from acute to chronic. She is continually upgrading her homeopathic knowledge and has taken a variety of post graduate seminars focusing on children, autism, addiction, and women’s health. Most recently she has started volunteering with the organization Side by Side Homeopathy in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.
Marilee Roome
Marilee_smMarilee Roome, BSc, HMC, RCSHom
Certified Homeopath            

Marilee’s interest in holistic medicine began in the early 70’s when she developed a chronic health problem.  Over the years she studied diet, herbology, reflexology, shiatsu, reiki and eventually came in contact with homeopathy when she moved to Vancouver in the early 90’s. Inspired by the possibility of healing body, mind and spirit with naturally remedies she began studying homeopathy. Marilee graduated from the Homeopathic Academy in 2004.  Since then she has maintained a part-time practice in Vancouver and has completed advanced studies with many international Homeopaths including Divya Chhabra, Jan Scholten, David Mundy, Ian Watson, Lou Klein, Rajan Sankaran and Sunil Anand. Since February of 2009 Marilee has been volunteering with the Side by Side Homeopathy Project in the Downtown Eastside.  She is a member of the board of directors of Side by Side Homeopathy as well as regularly consulting and prescribing for clients in the DTES.
Angelika Seebald

Angelika SeebaldAngelika Seebald, DCH
Certified Homeopath


Angelika Seebald is a graduate of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and has a private practice in Vancouver, BC.  Angelika had a medical condition she had been struggling with for many years.  After seeing a homeopath her condition improved significantly.  Angelika’s positive experience with homeopathy’s effective and gentle healing process drives her passion to study and practice homeopathy.  She continues to study with master homeopaths from Europe, North America and India.  Angelika has been volunteering with Side by Side in the DTES since July 2010. 


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Side by Side Homeopathy

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