Our Locations

We currently have teams at three different locations in the Downtown East Side (DTES):

  • Onsite Detox & Transitional Housing
  • Rainier Hotel
  • Life Skills Centre

Onsite Detox & Transitional Housing

Onsite Detox provides non-medical detox for seven to 10 days to people 16 or older who have a history of injection drug use and are registered with Insite. Aims to serve high-need individuals, particularly those with mental health or other issues that make accessing services difficult. Does not accept people withdrawing from benzodiazepenes or alcohol. 12 single rooms with private bathrooms.

Onsite Transitional Housing provides temporary housing to people who have gone through detox and are awaiting acceptance into stable housing or a treatment facility such as Rainier. Serves individuals 16 or older who have a history of injection drug use and are registered with Insite. Those who have attended Onsite Detox have first priority, but others who are registered with Insite will be considered. 18 beds available, including a women-only section. Maximum stay is two months. Accepts individuals on methadone maintenance.

For the Onsite Detox & Transitional Housing page on VCHA website – click here
Supported by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA)
2nd Floor-Insite & 3rd Floor-Insite
139 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

Rainier Hotel

Since March 2009, every Tuesday from 2pm-5pm there are two homeopaths available at the Rainier Hotel. Resident women come to see us for acute and more chronic (long-term) health concerns;  for e.g.  pain from a tooth extraction, sciatic pain, to deep traumatic events, and everything is beween. Someone at the Rainier Hotel one day said to me “Homeopathy is like counseling but more because you get to have a remedy as well…. And I notice that it works”

The Rainier Hotel located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES), provides 41 single-room occupancy units with integrated support services for women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The Rainier consists of a 20-unit treatment program for women in recovery on the second floor and 21 self-contained units with fridges and a communal cooking facility for tenants on the third floor, with focus on former sex-trade workers who are self-referred or referred through their detox program.

Operated by PHP Community Services in partnership with VCHA
309 Carrall St
Vancouver, BC

LifeSkills Centre

412 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC

Offers peer counselling, life skills development, prevocational skills training, and literacy rich programming, as well as educational classes, services, and support to street-involved adults with multiple barriers. Provides support in re-entering the workforce and/or education system. Services including free phone, internet, learning centre, showers, and laundry. Meals are available Monday to Friday; breakfast is at 10:30 am, lunch is at 12 noon, and coffee and snack is served at 11 am and 2:30 pm. Also offers support groups for depression, mental health issues, HIV, drug users, grief and loss.

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